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  • Auteur:
  • Éditeur: La Dernière Goutte Editions
  • Date de publication:
  • Couverture: Broché
  • Langue: Français
  • ISBN-10: 2918619345
  • ISBN-13: 978-2918619345
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  • Prix: EUR 15,00

Les critiques de livres

Ouvre les yeux


I had no idea what shelf to put this on. So I made up a new one, lacking the number of characters needed, this shelf should be called, true stories about things I would never do or try to do. But maybe that is a lie. Like Krakauer I too have had a near death experience while engaged in 'climbing', like the doomed people in this book, my own life was possibly endangered by faulty decisions made by those who are being paid to know better. My own experience is pretty undramatic, and was rectified in a few moments, and possibly if my parents had been the litigious sorts I could have bankrupted the Boy Scouts, and still be suing them for the experience and blame every anxiety and problem I have on this moment. That would be a huge lie though (my own experience was at summer camp, I didn't want to rappel, but I was talked into trying it, I was tied in, and as I stepped backwards over the lip so that I was on the vertical part of the rock the knots on my harness and carabiener started coming undoing themselves. I freaked. Some teenage kid had tied me in who was assisting the guy in charge. The real guy in charge retied my harness, I for some reason decided to try it again and actually enjoyed it, not that I ever did it again after that, and probably will never try it again). Seriously though, this book is about people doing something really dangerous and paying the price for it. It's pretty fucked up on all kinds of different levels, and anyone knowing what it's like to climb into the danger zone of high altitude and then goes and does it anyway so that they can say they have stood on the top of the highest mountain of the world, you can't feel too sorry for (or I can't). Sure it's a testament to the human spirit to overcome obstacles, and being able to do this is something I know I would never be able to do (or want to do), and it's pretty amazing that people can do what it takes to climb these high mountains, but it's also really dangerous and people die doing things like this all the time (historically up until 1996, 3% of all people who climbed just above base camp on Everest died, that's not even necessarily the people who made it all the way up to the final reaches near the summit where the events of this book took place). What I took from this book is that accidents happen, and they can be awful. That being in really high altitudes seriously fucks with you in ways I had no idea about. I also learned that maybe man shouldn't fuck with nature so much for profit, and that maybe commercialization of things alters the perception of real risks involved. Nature and high altitude don't realize that just because you paid big bucks for the ride up to the top that they should lay off and let your trip be like Club Med. I also learned that certain South African's are dicks, and sadly they didn't get to play as much of a role in the narrative as other groups of people, which is a bit sad because there was something absurdly funny about them.

2020-09-03 09:18


Une histoire déchirante très classique ...

2020-01-14 11:18



2020-01-10 11:05

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